Inexpensive Reading Glasses Leave Wearers With Blurred Vision

The UK’s Daily Mail (10/28, Poulter) reports that inexpensive reading glasses that can be purchased in supermarkets “may leave wearers with eye strain headaches, or even blurred or double vision.” After “a researcher at consumer champion Which? checked 14 pairs from seven high street chains,” he discovered “problems with half of them, with those carrying a higher prescription — +3.5 to +4 — considered to cause the most concern.” Specifically, “the biggest problem is that the centre point of the two lenses might not be aligned.” The article points out that it is best for people who need reading glasses to undergo an eye examination to get the right prescription and to check eye health.

Note: another common problem, in many cases, each eye has a different prescription, but drug store lenses always have the same prescription for both eyes. These cheap glasses do not correct for astigmatism either. They also do not have anti-glare properties – glare can further increase strain on the eye. Anti-glare treatment also allows more light to enter the lens, allowing you to see better in low light situations.  Not to mention, drug store glasses simply are not very becoming!  – F.E.